About Us

The Bible Church of the Lakes is a body of Church Age believer-priests in Christ. The primary emphasis of The Bible Church of the Lakes is on teaching the whole counsel of God’s Word line upon line, precept upon precept. This teaching, in turn, provides for God’s working in and through us for His good pleasure.

§ We teach Isagogically.

That means we consider the historical, geographical, economic, political, & cultural elements of the time period in which the Scriptures were written. An accurate interpretation of the Word of God without such due consideration is impossible.

§ We teach Categorically.

That means we develop particular topics, or doctrines of Scripture, according to the entire revealed Word of God. We correlate each individual doctrine to other doctrines in Scripture, and to the overall revelation of God’s Word. For example, the Doctrine of Soteriology (salvation), would have several other doctrines included within and related to it, such as the Doctrine of Redemption, the Doctrine of Justification, the Doctrine of Reconciliation, the Doctrine of Propitiation, etc. An accurate interpretation of any portion of Scripture is impossible without an understanding of how that portion relates to the entire body of Scriptures.

§ We teach Exegetically.

That means we teach verse-by-verse from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. An accurate interpretation of God’s Word must include an accurate understanding of the original meaning of the original words to the original audience of each particular passage of Scripture.

Affiliation: The Bible Church of the Lakes is an independent local church, denominationally unaffiliated. Our services center on the teaching of the Bible. Hundreds of independent local churches exist today, proclaiming as we do, historic Biblical Christianity. We desire to teach the Bible, encourage each other in the faith, and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beliefs: We believe that salvation is by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ, and is the work of God apart from human works or merit. In doctrine, we are grace-oriented, premillennial, and dispensational.

Finances: The Bible Church of the Lakes is financed through volitional, grace giving of its members and supporters. No one is ever asked or pressured to give. We do not resort to pledges, assessments, tithes, or promises to raise funds. We do look by faith to God the Father alone to supply all the needs of our church.