Bible Churches

  1. A Bible Church is free to associate or to refrain from association with other churches. It may associate with other Bible-believing churches, and often does, but is under no constraint to do so.
  2. A Bible Church is free to support any missionary that has been found to be doctrinally sound. It can support any missionary of any organization which it believes worthy of support.
  3. A Bible Church is free to survey all Sunday School literature and to determine which it believes to be the best suited for its purposes, namely, teaching the Bible.
  4. The Bible Church maintains a high degree of doctrinal purity because it has a detailed doctrinal statement and constitution to which each applicant for membership must comply before he is accepted for membership.
  5. A Bible Church is free to procure the services of any sound Bible teacher, regardless of his church affiliation, for Bible Conferences and other occasions.
  6. A Bible Church is free to gear its program to the local community and its needs as seen by the Pastor and Deacons under the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  7. The Bible Church unifies the family by bringing together those of different religious backgrounds through emphasizing the Biblical message without a denominational slant.
  8. A Bible Church does not put pressure upon any individual to become a member of its organization, believing fellowship, not membership to be the issue.
  9. The Bible Church’s financial support is dependent upon free-will giving, without pressure through such means as pledges or assessments.

In short, the Bible Church stands in the historic tradition of the Christian Church. Its emphasis is on the Bible, God’s Holy Word, apart from extremism, emotionalism, sectarianism, and traditionalism. The Bible Church seeks to present an intelligent, practical and relevant Christianity to the world, believing that the Bible contains the answer in principle and precept to all of man’s problems, the only way of salvation, and the only hope for the human race.